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What is We Love Kids n Dogs?

We get asked this all the time. It's simple, we offer stuff for kids and stuff for dogs. Yet, it's so much more than that.

Stuff for Dogs: We Love Kids n Dogs is your locally owned shop to find high-quality and wag worthy products for your dog. We are committed to strengthen the bond between your and your dog and to helping make Lansing a better place to live with your pet.

Loyal to Local: We are proud to stay loyal to Lansing by offer products for your dog that are made right here in Lansing. By teaming up with other Lansing based businesses with the same passion to build the bond people, their pets and the city we call home; we can help establish a promising future.
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Stuff for Kids: We Love Kids n Dogs features products for Kids that encourage creativity, building, making and entrepreneurship. We also offer hands-on classes and workshops in our Mini Maker space. All of our classes and workshops have a focus on Engineering and Technology.
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